Genesis Framework 1.6 Changelog

Genesis Framework 1.6 is major release which sees the addition of toggleable settings, several filters, refactored SEO plugin checking code, structural wraps code, and performance increases by only loading certain files on certain admin pages.

Admin Pages

  • Fixed typo on Import/Export page.
  • Fixed two bugs in genesis_admin_redirect().
  • Fixed SEO Settings reset action.
  • Fixed bug with new installs not pushing all the default SEO settings.
  • Improved Export to use checkboxes instead of dropdown for export options – now filterable to allow themes and plugins to hook in.
  • Improved Theme Settings UI by decluttering and toggling secondary options via JavaScript.
  • Improved breadcrumbs settings – now off by default.
  • Improved admin pages document title to ensure default is shown.
  • Improved headline and intro text fields (taxonomy and user) by moving to their own function so they do not get unhooked when an SEO plugin is active.
  • Added select / deselect all checkbox switch to category menu widget.
  • Removed Genesis Menu options. Existing Genesis menus still supported, but amendments will need to be done by creating and using a WordPress Custom Menu.

Code and Structure

  • Fixed empty site description outputting redudant markup.
  • Fixed issue with SEO plugin compatibility.
  • Fixed notice on categories menu widget.
  • Fixed footer markup typo.
  • Fixed bug in title output of featured post / page widgets.
  • Fixed issue with filter in genesis_custom_header() not returning an appropriate value, causing conflicts.
  • Improved image size dropdown in Theme Settings by making it use genesis_get_image_sizes().
  • Improved footer credit wording.
  • Improved code to use available WP functions – is_child_theme(), menu_page_url() etc.
  • Improved init.php content by putting into hooked functions.
  • Improved theme speed by loading admin files on admin pages only.
  • Improved the post format image function to harden it.
  • Improved genesis_get_custom_field() to use $id if available.
  • Improved data sent when doing an update check.
  • Improved check for 3rd SEO plugins by using plugin detection function.
  • Added plugin detection function.
  • Added an edit link to breadcrumbs of all term archive pages.
  • Added filter for text shown when comment is awaiting moderation.
  • Added filter to sidebar registration defaults.
  • Added filters to genesis_do_nav() and genesis_do_subnav().
  • Added filters for post navigation text.
  • Added custom header functionality. Can now be enabled via a single line of code in a child theme.
  • Added footer widgets functionality. Can now be enabled via a single line of code in a child theme.
  • Added trailing slash to breadcrumb home link.
  • Added content width filter for variable layouts.
  • Added option to show features on page 2+ with the grid loop.
  • Added relative time option to the post date shortcode options – [post_date format="relative"]
  • Added conditional structural wrap system.
  • Removed XML demo file from Genesis – kept in with Sample Child Theme.
  • Removed (deprecated) genesis_ie8_js().
  • Removed (to be formally deprecated next version) the hook functions, in favour of direct do_action() calls.
  • Removed rogue li tag from category menu widget.
  • Removed WordPress 3.0 compatibility checks in breadcrumb class.


  • Fixed list styles on archive pages.
  • Fixed sub-sub-menu issue on non-superfish dropdowns.
  • Fixed CSS conflict with admin bar.
  • Improved admin styles by moving most inline styles from widgets and admin pages to admin.css.
  • Added “sidebar” class to primary and secondary sidebar divs.
  • Added “widget-area” class to widget areas in footer widgets.
  • Removed redundant use of sidebar IDs in style.css
  • Removed admin CSS related to purchase themes menu.

Documentation and Code Standards

  • Fixed inline documentation in multiple files – moved docblocks directly above functions so they are correctly associated.
  • Fixed a lot of code that was inconsistent with coding standards, including whitespace (ongoing).
  • Improved Genesis style.css to new header standard for giving an explicit license.
  • Added inline documentation in multiple files to some locations where it was missing (ongoing – remaining to be done post-1.6 release).

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